Introduction to Heating Controls Course

This hands-on course is designed for those wishing to obtain a greater understanding of common central heating control systems. It provides knowledge of systems utilising Honeywell Sundial ‘S’ and ‘Y’ plan systems, including installation good practice and fault diagnosis

What does the course include? 

  • Guidance on electrical safety and best practice
  • Understand the principle function of system components on a heating system
  • Understand and utilise the Honeywell wiring guide
  • Operation of Practical wiring and applications for a 2-port valve (S plan) system
  • Practical wiring and applications for a 3-port valve (Y plan) system
  • Control system commisioning and testing
  • Diagnosing and rectifying common control system faults
"All round good course. Everyone in the class benefited and I would recommend this course to anyone in plumbing."
Henley Heating Limited, 2019

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