Smart Heating Controls

This hands-on course is designed as a follow on to the ‘Introduction to Heating Controls’ course. It is aimed at those wishing to learn more about selecting appropriate heating controls depending on different applications. This includes ‘connected’ and ‘non connected’ controls and additional ‘smart’ devices. Run by one of our technical specialists, it also gives an insight into ‘smart homes’ and the technologies behind them, and the ‘Honeywell Home’ products designed to work in them.

  • Overview of heat sources, systems, and control strategies
  • In depth training and an Introduction to ‘OpenTherm’, Load Compensation and Modulating Control - what it is, what it is not, benefits and capabilities.
  • Thermostat applications including ‘Honeywell Home’ T3, T4 and T6 series, RF2 packs, and evohome. Single, two zone and multizoning. Stored hot water control. Application options .
  • Overview of security and awareness products including WiFi ‘smart’ cameras, whole house security, water leak detection and environmental sensing.
  • Smart home integration and creating scenes, voice control and geofencing. Smart assistant speakers and third party platforms. ‘Works with Honeywell’

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