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Unfortunately, as a business, we need to mitigate the risk surrounding the fast-changing situation with the Coronavirus, to that end we are postponing all face to face training. However we are hosting various FREE ONLINE training courses so please contact to get signed up to these online courses.


Free, Live Online Training Webinars


Introduction to T series

  • This training will discuss the various models of our T series programmable room thermostats.
  • We will also be sharing the features that differentiate each model and what thermostat suits which situation application the best.
  • The session will also cover basic set up and discuss the OpenTherm options available.

Dates: 5th May(11am), 13th May(3pm), 18th May(2pm), 2nd June(11am)

evohome ‘The Basics’

  • Covering the basics of evohome including SingleZone, Multi Zone and Hot Water Control.
  • evohome packs and accessories including evohome modulation, evohome Essentials and other sensors and actuators.
  • Basic system set up.

Dates: 7th May(11am), 19th May(1pm), 26th May(11am) & 3rd June(2pm)

 Introduction to Heat Pumps

  • What are Heat Pumps, how heat pumps work and different types of heat pumps.
  • Heat Pump performance, it’s applications, systems and becoming a heat pump installer.

Dates: 6th May(2pm), 12th May(11am), 5th June(2pm)

T6R-HW Wiring

  • How to install and upgrade a standard heating system to a smarter system by upgrading the controls.
  • Smart heating solution providing a connected environment, with mobile devices, tablets and smart speakers.

Dates: 4th May(2pm), 14th May(11am), 21st May(2pm) & 4th June(11am)

Introduction to OpenTherm

  • Understanding the differences between ON/OFF, TPI, Fuzzy Logic & Load Compensating Controls and understanding Boiler Plus and what it entails
  • How to get the most out of your heating controls

Dates: 7th May(2pm), 22nd May(11am) & 27th May(2pm

Backflow Prevention

  • Regulations, Standards and Guidance
  • What is Backflow and why do I need to worry about it
  • Fluid Categories
  • Non Mechanical and Mechanical backflow arrangements designation
  • Backflow preventer devices
  • Rogues Gallery

Dates: 7th May(10am)

Thermal Balancing

  • Regulations, Standards and Guidance
  • DHW circulation systems
  • Legionella risk
  • Traditional Static Balancing V Thermal Balancing
  • Thermal Disinfection

Dates: 13th May(10am) & 14th May(10am)

Pressure Management in Tall Buildings

  • Regulations, Standards and Guidance
  • Designing Water Services in Tall Buildings
  • Boosted Cold Water
  • Boosted Domestic Hot Water
  • PRV Sizing
  • Surge Protection

Dates: 20th May(10am) & 21st May(10am)

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Face to face Training Courses

Introduction to Heating Controls 

This 1 day course is designed for those wishing to obtain a greater understanding of common central heating control systems. It provides knowledge of systems utilising Honeywell Home Sundial ‘S’ and ‘Y’ plan systems, including installation good practice and fault diagnosis.

Cost - £75(Excl VAT) attendance fee only - No additional costs

Who should attend? Beginners wishing to progress in this field. No previous experience required.

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**NEW ** Smart Heating Controls

This 1 day course is aimed at for those wishing to learn more about selecting appropriate heating controls. It also gives an insight into ‘smart homes’ and the technologies behind them, and the ‘Honeywell Home’ products designed to work in them.

Cost - £75(Excl VAT) attendance fee only or £99(Excl VAT) and get a Honeywell Home T6R-HW Wireless Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control (RRP £220)!

Who should attend? Understanding of domestic heating system controls. Attendance on the ‘Introduction to Heating Controls’ course, or equivalent training, advisable but not essential. Practical experience of installing and maintaining heating controls an advantage

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evohome Installer Training

This 1 course is designed for those wishing to learn acquire an in-depth knowledge of how to install, configure and fault find on Honeywell Home evohome systems. This is run by one of our evohome technical specialists, it covers pre-installation site surveys, installation good practice, and customer handover.

Cost - £75(Excl VAT) attendance fee only or £200(Excl VAT) and get a Honeywell Home evohome controller and 4 pack of Honeywell Home evohome radiator controllers

Who should attend? Good understanding of domestic heating system controls. Attendance on the ‘Introduction to Heating Controls’ course, or equivalent training, plus practical experience of installing and maintaining heating controls preferable.

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