Our FAQ section covers some of the key questions that are often asked on heating controls.

FAQs covering topics such as Wireless Controls, Room Thermostats, Zoning and Optimisation.

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FAQ - CM900 Rebinding

Faq Valencia Final 2015

FAQ Wirelessly controlling domestic hot water temperatures

FAQ TRVs explained

CM Range of Programmable Thermostats - How Time and Temperature controls work

FAQ Positioning a room thermostat correctly - Details the do’s and don’ts of fitting a room thermostat

Controlling different rooms at different temperatures with radiator valves

TPI Functionality - Time Proportional and Integral (TPI) controls ensure that your heating is used as efficiently as possible. Learn more on how TPI operates, with what boilers and heating systems

FAQ What is Optimisation - Optimisation allows for energy savings by varying the start up time of the boiler, depending on the weather. Find out more about Optimum Start, Delayed Start and Optimum Stop

FAQ Wireless controls - Find out more about the benefits of wireless controls, how they are the modern way of installing heating controls and the product options available to you

FAQ DT92E Binding - - How to bind a DT92E Digital Room Thermostat to its receiver, a BDR91

FAQ On Off Control - Details how On/Offs controls function and what is required to satisfy Building Regulations Part L

FAQ Part G 2010 - Part G Building Regulations relate to Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Water Efficiency. This FAQ details the relevant sections that could influence your installations

FAQ Building Regulations Part L 2010 - Details the requirements with respect to Conservation of fuel and power, and the recommendations Honeywell Home make in relation to heating controls

FAQ How can I add controls to my heating system - This FAQ details the basic considerations of a heating system, up to ensuring that you have a full set of controls

FAQ How to tell if a Sundial RF Timer or Programmer is showing that the system is calling for heat and or hot water

Things to consider when installing wireless heating controls

FAQ Simplifying Binding

Connected Products FAQs

Wireless Room Thermostat Fault Finding

Connected Thermostat FAQ

How to receive evohome support

How to obtain evohome support

Rebinding Wireless Relay Boxes (BDR91)


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