Sundial RF² Pack 4 Wireless Enabled Timer and Cylinder Thermostat

Sundial RF2 Pack 4 (Y9120W1000) contains:


ST9120C Wireless Timer

CS92A Wireless Cylinder Thermostat


Ideal for adding a hot water timer and cylinder thermostat to new and existing Sundial systems, or upgrading a gravity hot water system.



  • Energy saving TPI (Time Proportional & Integral control)
  • Wireless enabled upgrade
  • Two way wireless communication
  • Wireless signal strength indicator
  • Built in Economy or Comfort programmes on ST9120C
  • Line of Text display for easy programming on ST9120C
  • ST9120C fits on industry standard backplate
  • ST9120C is a direct replacement for ST9100 and ST6100 models
  • CS92A controlled from timer
  • Battery powered CS92A - no wiring




  • Service interval reminder with variable levels of action
  • Installer set up mode - controls can be matched to the system and user
  • Sundial RF² Pack 1 (Y9120H2009)
  • Sundial RF² Pack 2 (Y9420H1008)
  • Sundial RF² Pack 3 (Y9420S2005)
  • Sundial RF² Pack 5 (Y9520Z1007)