T6R 7 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat in a 2 zone heating application

TwoT6R wireless models can be used in a 2 zone application with a two channel receiver


The T6R model is available as a spare (without a receiver box) and can be paired with a two channel receiver to create two heating zones (S Plan Plus)


The functionality of the T6R is the same as the standard model


Two channel Wireless Receiver – (T6H700RW4011 thermostat with R6H911RF4018 receiver)


  • This new two channel wireless receiver for two zone applications
  • Single thermostat binding for heating
  • Two thermostat binding for two zone control and optional OpenTherm® boiler control.
  • Terminals labels and Earth park for ease of wiring
  • One push override buttons to make checking the system easier
  • Two relay contacts for 24–230V on/off appliances or zone valves and a separate OpenTherm® output
  • The two-channel receiver has same easy installation features as other Receiver models.
  • For stored hot water applications, the receiver box is pre-bound & included with the T6RHW pack
  • For two zone applications the receiver box is sold as a single item to be added to two wireless T6R models (thermostat only)


Product Code Model

T6R Wireless Smart Thermostat Spare

(2 thermostats are needed for a 2 zone application)

R6H911RF4018 Two Channel Wireless Receiver Box


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