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VA8200A001 TRV Service tool

The VA8200A001 Radiator Thermostat Service Tool enables the insert on any Honeywell radiator valve to be removed and replaced without draining the system. The service tool is suitable for use with Honeywell manual radiator valves, and radiator thermostats. There are special accessories ena-bling the service tool to be used with all other Honeywell radiator valves and a brush accessory for cleaning the valve seat before insert replacement.

No draining of the system required.
One tool covers all sizes.
One tool with relevant insert covers most valve types. Simple/clean operation.



VS1200SLGB11 Replacement Valve Balancing Valve Insert

Replacement valve (SLGB) integrated balancing insert (x 1)
TA6900 Anti Theft Ring

For use in public areas
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