Kombi Balancing TRV Accessories

A selection of valve bodies and inserts, fittings and replacement tools. 


A simple and robust one-valve solution for automatic heating system balancing.


Slow to heat or cold radiators, system noise, high heating bills and costly service visits, these are the consequences of an unbalanced heating system. This can all be avoided by hydronic balancing.


Manual system balancing is often time consuming or requires complex piping and pressure loss calculations. We now offer a simple and robust solution for two-pipe heating systems with differential pressure up to 60 kPa and flows up to 160 l/h.


The Kombi-TRV is a thermostatic radiator valve with an inbuilt differential pressure controller. This combination of two valves in one ensures optimal room temperature control and easy automatic hydronic balancing.


Piping and pressure loss calculations are not needed, it requires only the max design flow to be set directly on the Kombi-TRV. The inbuilt pressure controller ensures that the set max flow is maintained under varying system pressure conditions, simply and easily eliminating the common consequences of an unbalanced heating system.


  • Easy installation and automatic hydronic balancing – only needs to be installed on each radiator
  • Patented, simple, robust design, and standard dimensions ensure they are suitable for installation in refurbishment and new build projects
  • Fits in place of conventional TRVs and ensures optimal heat distribution
  • The valve insert can be exchanged whilst the system is in operation
  • Easy pre-setting of max design flow using either a special setting key (see accessories) or a standard 7mm wrench
  • Fail-safe metal and water flow design & fewer components eliminate the risk of dirt ingress causing failure
  • Noise-free operation over the whole regulation range
  • No need for complex piping and pressure loss calculations
  • Reduce call-backs by reducing system inefficiency
  • Angled and straight versions with matching lock shield available.
  • Accessories available including towel rail applications


Recommended for systems with:

  • Max. differential pressure 60 kPa
  • Max. design flow 160 l/h
  • Complex or unknown risers design
  • Main risers/returns that are difficult to access or are distant from each other


Technical data

  • Standard dimensions according to EN 215 Thermostatic radiator valve 30x1,5
  • Design size DN10, DN15, DN20
  • Design angle, straight, axial (only DN10 + DN15)


  Product Code Description Size
VTL5100EPI15GB Complete Kombi TRV with matching lock shield and ‘Capri’ 15mm
V2100EPI15 Kombi TRV angled body 15mm
V2100DPI15 Kombi TRV straight body 15mm
VT2100API15 Kombi TRV horizontal angled body 15mm
V2420E0015 Kombi TRV lockshield 15mm
T5019W0GB ‘Capri’ TRV Head N/A
FIG1/2CS15 Copper & steel compression fitting 15mm
Radiator tailpiece
Extended Radiator tailpiece
VA2200D001 Manual hand wheel cap N/A
Pressure cap (shut off)
Pressure cap sealing ring
VA8200A003 Valve replacement N/A
Drain off adaptor
Drain off tool
VA8201PI04 Pre-setting Key N/A
VA8201PI04 Replacement valve insert N/A