VX15 Radiator Balancing Valve

The VX15 Verafix balancing valve is a dual-purpose balancing/lockshield valve. Suitable for fully pumped systems up to 10 bar static pressure, VX15 provides the installer or specifier with precise regulation of the radiator and a convenient means of draining the radiator, or the whole central heating system, when used with the VA3300A001 drainage adaptor. When the system is balanced each radiator fitted with VX15 can be closed down and opened, without the balancing point being affected.



  • Bi-directional valve body
  • Valve can be closed without altering the balance point of the radiator
  • Optional adaptor enables radiator to be drained down without draining the complete system
  • Body may be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Characterised seat enables precise adjustment for balancing
  • Provides matching lockshield valve for VT117 and VT15
  • 6mm of play on radiator tailpiece to allow for variation in radiator distance from valve
  • 15mm copper connection



  • VA3300A001 drainage adaptor allows the radiator or system to be easily drained down