TM200VP Thermostatic Mixing Valve

The Honeywell Home TM200VP Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is approved to the requirements of the NHS Model Engineering Specification D08 for thermostatic mixing valves, to reduce the risk of emitting water at an unsafe temperature. Typical applications include bath or wash basin taps in systems where hot water is stored and supplied at high temperature. The TM200VP can be fitted to a single outlet or to several outlets, provided that both the water supply pressures and flow rates are adequate. To comply with health guidelines, a thermostatic mixing valve should be no further than two metres from any outlet it is supplying. The valve is WRAS and Buildcert approved.

The BuildCert TMV scheme recommends the following maximum hot water temperatures for use in all premises: 46°C for bath fill; 41°C for showers and washbasins; and 38°C for bidets. However, while 46°C is the maximum temperature for water from the bath hot tap, it takes into account the temperature loss in metal baths, especially in cold bathrooms. It is not a safe bathing temperature for adults or children. The British Burns Association recommends 37 to 37.5°C as a comfortable bathing temperature for children. In premises covered by the Care Standards Act 2000, the maximum water outlet temperature is 43°C.

For more advice on regulating maximum hot water temperatures, see Building Research Establishment (BRE) Building Bulletin IP 14/03 and The School Premises Regulations/National Minimum Care Standards Section 25.8.


  • Fast, sensitive integral sensor
  • Non return valve in each inlet
  • DZR brass & chrome plated body
  • Locking cap prevents accidental adjustment
  • Can be installed in any orientation
  • Flange connection means easy removal without disturbing pipework



  • 15mm or 22mm connections
  • Models available with 4 in 1 inlet tailpieces that provide integral isolation, strainer, check valve and test points