HR91 Radiator Controller


Features & Benefits 


The HR91 is a wireless radiator controller for use as part of the evohome multi-zoning heating control system.


It has a non-intrusive design that will suit areas of high footfall or when the evohome radiator controller will not be visible during normal operations. It sits alongside the HR92 radiator controller in the range of evohome products.


The HR91 enhances the evohome system offering since it strengthens the suitability of the evohome system for light commercial applications as temperature override at the installation point is restricted.


The radiator controller: As the primary temperature sensor in an evohome zoning system, the evohome radiator controller uses two-way communication with the evohome controller to ensure that temperature information and commands are sent and received and valves opened while maintaining boiler interlock.


Radiator controllers provide the optimum solution for installers when considering installing heating zones as there are no additional zone valves required, which makes installation a lot quicker and cleaner. With existing TRV bodies already in place there is no need to drain down the system and they will fit on most compact radiators


The HR91 Radiator Controller

  • It can be used in combination with Evohome WiFi or Evohome Colour zoning systems
  • It’s slim, ergonomic design will suit any interior design. It will fit on most standard TRV bodies (adaptors available)
  • The best choice for radiator cabinets or for areas where the HR92 screen is inappropriate
  • Battery powered with a two-year battery life and a battery low reminder visible on the evohome controller screen
  • Basic override button for setting frost protection or to a predefined set-point (21°C) with zone identification via the evohome display
  • The controllers are easily bound into the system using the guided configuration feature in the evohome controller; and there is a simple device check mechanism via tricolour LEDs on the radiator controller, or via pop-up alerts on the evohome controller or via mobile push notifications
  • Child lock mechanism on the controller with simple mounting lock
  • Automatic window-open detection function
  • Anti-vandal protection shield (available as an accessory)