CM Zone

CM Zone is a wireless heating control system that provides the ability to control two individual heating zones at different comfort levels and at different times. Typical examples could be a bedroom and living area or conservatory and main house heating. To comply with Part L1 Building Regulations, existing heating systems can be zoned without running extra cabling or altering pipework.


The standard CM Zone pack contains a Room Unit, a Relay Module and six Radiator Controllers all pre-bound with three Radiator Controllers bound to Zone One and three to Zone Two. The system can be expanded or modified to suit each individual installation.



  • Wireless zone control
  • Multi point Boiler Interlock
  • Advanced Wireless Technology
  • 30m range
  • Zone existing systems without draining down or altering pipework
  • Two independent heating zones per Room Unit
  • Pre-configured kit
  • Can be configured to control a radiator or underfloor zone
  • Each radiator could have Boiler Interlock
  • Actuators can fit many other radiator thermostats. Adaptors included


  • Additional Radiator Controllers can be added to any zone
  • Room Units can be added for additional zones
  • Up to 8 zones can be used
  • No limit to the number of radiators
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