Sundial Y Plan

The Sundial Y Plan is designed to provide independent temperature control of both heating and domestic hot water circuits in fully pumped central heating installations. Sundial Y Plan satisfies the minimum standard requirements of the Building Regulations Part L1 when used in conjunction with radiator thermostats and an automatic bypass valve. For systems in dwellings with a floor area greater than 150m², Sundial S Plan Plus must be used.



  • Independent control of heating zone
  • Independent control of domestic hot water temperature
  • Pump & boiler switched off when space and hot water temperature requirements are satisfied
  • Both systems can operate at the same time



  • Programmable thermostat in heating zone to provide'Best Practice' system
  • Radiator thermostats may be fitted to provide temperature control in selected rooms/areas
  • evotouch can provide wireless boiler interlock for individual radiator control
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