Evohome Security Overview

Trust Honeywell Home to get security right.

The future of home security and comfort is in your hands.

Your customers will love evohome security – and so will your business. Here’s why:

  • Robust and reliable technology makes it easy to plan each installation with confidence.
  • Compact and wireless accessories are quick to install, with minimal disruption.
  • Easy to expand as your customers’ needs grow. It’s a truly complete system that gives your customers total control and lets them manage their home comforts.

And it’s from Honeywell, a name you can trust.

You can choose from a range of accessories or you can purchase a pre-configured pack - there are 5 packs designed to provide a secure system for a wide variety of applications. You can then add additional accessories (up to a total of 32) to design a system to fully support your customers requirements.

No lengthy manuals. No complicated control panels, and definitely no little doubts at the back of your customer’s mind. By recommending Honeywell, you’re helping them stay safe, secure and comfortable.

We’re a world leader in security – you’re recommending a company your customers will know and trust. With an expert support team and easy access to spares, everything’s taken care of.

You can offer intrusion sensors, sirens, pet-friendly motion sensors and cameras. evohome security has everything your customer needs to protect their home. The central hub will work with up to 32 accessories ensuring you can create a system to suit many different properties.

The range is designed to be easily installed. The main hub automatically detects each wireless accessory. Avoid damage with a screw-free install. We’ve included an optional screw-free installation for every part of the range, using double-sided adhesive.

Today’s families want real control over their home safety, security and comfort – it’s all about giving your customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their home is protected.

So that’s exactly what their system gives them – thanks to the Total Connect Comfort app.

Why not contact customers who already have an evohome or Single Zone thermostat and explain how they can now control their heating and security from the same app.