Evohome Secure

Keeping the property secure from intruders is at the heart of the evohome security system. From motion sensors (with or without cameras) to sensors that will recognise the window and/or door opening, the evohome security range offers a wide range of solutions to fit the property. All of these devices are easily set up on the security hub and also can be remotely controlled via the TCC app.


Wireless pet-immune motion sensor (IRPI8EZS)
Designed to dramatically reduce false alarms from pets, the sensor uses a high quality lens to detect intruders, together with heat detection and passive infrared. It can identify (and ignore) animals weighing up to 36kg – simply set the sensitivity when you configure the system.

  • 10 x 12m range
  • Pet-immune, up to 36kg
  • One battery (CR123A) supplied
  • 112 x 60 x 40mm


Wireless motion sensor with camera (CAMIR-8EZS)
As well as sensing intruders, the pet-immune camera sends a snapshot straight to your customer’s smartphone if an alarm is activated. It can also send a snapshot when your customer requests an update from the app. This visual confirmation helps reduce the chance of a false alarm – it can also help police to identify intruders.

  • 11 x 12m range
  • Pet-immune, up to 36kg
  • Colour, with black and white images in darkness
  • Two batteries (CR123A) supplied
  • 55 x 121 x 64mm


Wireless glass-break sensor (FG8MS)
Designed to filter out false alarms, this acoustic sensor is ideal for properties with large areas of glass. It works with all types of glass up to 14mm thick, including plate, tempered and laminated.

  • Four sensitivity levels, from 1.5m to 7.6m
  • Two batteries (CR123A) supplied
  • 108 x 80 x 43mm


Wireless door and window sensor (DO8EZS)
If a window or door is opened – or left open – this sensor will alert your customer. The compact, magnetic sensor has a battery life of five years, for long-lasting protection.

  • One battery (CR123A) supplied
  • White or brown
  • 102 x 22 x 23mm