Evohome Signalling

Loud sirens are an essential deterrent in any security system and external alarms provide a further visual deterrent. The evohome security system provides a choice of sirens.

Wireless battery internal siren (SI800MS)
A loud indoor sounder is an essential deterrent in any security system. Simply set the desired volume when you configure the system.

  • Adjustable sound level, from 95dB(A) to 120dB(A)
  • Three batteries (CR123A) supplied
  • 165 x 70mm

Wireless battery siren (SEF8MS)
An excellent visual deterrent and alert, the outdoor siren combines a loud sounder with intermittent flashing LED lights. You can also set how long the siren will sound.

  • Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
  • Eight batteries (AA lithium)
  • 240 x 330 x 73mm