Smoke Alarm (DFS8MS)

The DFS8MS is an optical wireless smoke detector. It is equipped with a siren and LED light for local notification and acts as an early warning device.

Works as part of the evohome security system:

  • Receive alerts on your smart phone or tablet when the detector is triggered
  • System status can be interrogated via the evohome TCC App
  • Wireless communication with the evohome security system
  • 868 MHZ secure wireless communications and proprietary communications language prevents devices from interfering with each other
  • Easy to install
  • ‘Avoid damage with the ‘Screw free’ install option
  • More than one detector can be added to the evohome security system
  • Built-in sounder: 85dB @ 3m
  • Detection 100m² (coverage area may vary depending on room layout)
  • Detector head can be secured to prevent unauthorised removal
  • Sealed Lithium battery
  • Battery life: 10 years
  • Size: 120 x 45 mm

A single smoke detector will guarantee a certain amount of protection if correctly installed but most homes will require two or more to ensure reliable and timely warning. To obtain the recommended level of protection, install a smoke detector in every room where there is a potential fire risk (except for the kitchen or bathroom).