Voice controlled Connected Thermostat



Once again, we are providing innovative technology for the homeowner to be fully in control of their heating system. Voice activated technology is now established as a new way of controlling many different devices and makes changing the room temperature even easier. This is the first control of its kind in the UK and it re-enforces our position as leading the market in great technology for you and your customers


  • 7 Day wired programmable thermostat that can control any system and any boiler
  • Each day has set activity points to make programming more intuitive - i.e I’m waking up at; I’m leaving at; I will return home at; I’m going to sleep at
  • Auto, manual override, and off (frost) modes
  • Voice activated recognition and control (on-device only) that allows the temperature setting to be adjusted in the home by talking to the thermostat
  • On-screen Comfort Information - See outdoor temperature, weather and humidity information available via the home screen
  • Total Connect Comfort App - Allows user to remotely monitor and manage the home's comfort anytime, anywhere.
  • Wifi connection between the voice controlled thermostat and the home broadband network is built into the thermostat—no additional modem or wiring required. Easy set up of the Voice Controlled Thermostat on your home network.
  • Optimum Start Functionality
  • Customizable colour touch screen- Easily change the high-definition display to any colour you choose
  • Guided Scheduling to make programming easier
  • Internet Time Sync - Keeps time during power failure and automatically updates for autumn/winter time changes
  • Tool-free wiring, (except screwdriver connection of wall plate to mounting box).
  • Manual-free setup
  • Locking Touch screen - Advanced locking features and password options provide smart security and convenienceRequires a 4 wire set up including live, neutral and two relay contacts
  • Requires a depth of greater than 30mm space in the wall cavity behind the thermostat body
  • When not connected to the internet, the Voice activated thermostat will operate as a normal programmable thermostat. (The voice control will not operate).
  • Software updates automatically sent to the connected voice thermostat. Additional voice commands will become automatically available when developed




Product Product code
Voice Controlled Thermostat with Mobile connectivity TH9320WFV8004