evotouch thermostat pack

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The evotouch Thermostat Pack contains an evotouch controller and a BDR91 receiver.

Designed to convert a system with single zone pipework into a multi zone system. A multi zone system allows rooms in use to be kept at a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature. Resulting in optimal comfort combined with maximum energy saving.

Fits directly onto any heating only system or system with a combi boiler.  It can be converted to control a stored hot water system (see evohome Sundial pack).

Ideal for domestic or small commercial properties that require zoning. Suitable for radiator and underfloor heating. Compatible with standard, combi or OpenTherm boilers.

For very large properties, link up to four evotouches together to control up to 32 zones. Add an unlimited number of Honeywell wireless radiator thermostats to control them (see catalogue page evohome Zoning Pack).