Smartfit Y Plan

The Smartfit Y Plan is designed to provide timed independent control for both heating and domestic hot water circuits in fully pumped central heating systems. Time and temperature settings for both heating and hot water are set at the Room Unit, thus giving a single point of control. This revolutionary system is designed for ease of installation. All control connections are either by two wire or plug and socket and are low voltage.


Many Smartfit components are common to both Y and S Plans and all controls are available as single items. Wiring for pump and boilers is the same for any control system. A central base unit provides simple low voltage plug in or two wire connection for all heating and hot water controls. Smartfit Y Plan satisfies best practice of Buildings Regulations Part L1 when used in conjunction with radiator thermostats and an automatic bypass valve.



  • Single point of control
  • Plug in connections
  • Low voltage controls
  • 7 day and 1 day versions
  • Built-in start up programme
  • Clear digital display for both central heating and hot water
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • 12 hour time display with am/pm indicator
  • Installer mode
  • Programme indicator symbols
  • Backlighting
  • Setpoint limits for both room and water temperatures
  • Optional optimum start
  • No wiring diagram required
  • Hypothermia protection



  • Frost Protection Kit
  • Cable extensions
  • Remote sensor and setpoint modules
  • W Plan option



Smartfit modular heating controls are now discontinued and no like for like replacement is available.

 To upgrade to current generation controls:

 It is recommended that the zone valves are first upgraded to V4043 or V4073 230v valve(s)

A choice either Sundial RF Pack 3 (wireless cylinder sensor)


T6R-HW (smart control) and an L641 wired cylinder thermostat is used.