Why Wireless animation helps installers get to grips with wireless controls

Honeywell, has launched a ‘Why Wireless?’ video animation to help inform installers on the benefits of using wireless heating controls. 


The animation features tips on installation, information on the customer benefits associated with wireless controls and the different Honeywell wireless heating packs available - as well as advice on which pack to use when and where.  The video also provides details on compliance with the latest Building Regulations.


Feedback from Honeywell’s installer training days has highlighted some of the common misconceptions surrounding installing wireless heating controls among installers, which is why Honeywell has developed the video.  


Nick Hunt, sales director at Honeywell, commented, “Some installers avoid fitting wireless controls, believing it requires complex, lengthy processes, when in fact this it isn’t the case.  Wireless controls actually drastically reduce installation time and make it easy for installers to comply with zoning regulations.”


Nick continues, “For homeowners, wireless heating controls can be fitted or upgraded without causing any major disruption to the fabric of their house, leaving them with an intelligent control which is simple to use and will save energy and reduce their heating bills by up to £120 a year*.


“We created this video to dispel the myths surrounding wireless heating controls and really help to highlight the benefits for both installers and their customers.”


The animation also explains how wireless heating controls can overcome difficult installations such as boilers in confined spaces, or external boilers and eliminate any problems with lifting floors.  It also provides information on easy solutions to comply with zoning and the five different Honeywell Sundial RF² wireless packs which are now available.


For more information on installing wireless heating controls and to watch the ‘Why Wireless?’ animation, please visit