Honeywell launch new Sundial RF² Packs

Honeywell has launched two new wireless Sundial RF² heating control packs to its portfolio.  Each pack features a combination of a wireless enabled timer, wireless thermostat and wireless cylinder thermostat.


The packs have been designed to enable installers to carry out quick, hassle-free installations to allow them to increase their productivity and drive more business back to themselves.


Simply by replacing an old timer with a new one, a thermostat is enabled in a system, with no need for additional wiring and therefore no need to lift floorboards or run cables through walls, prolonging each job.  This also means less disruption for a home or property owner as the installation process doesn’t ruin the fabric of a building, leaving them with an intelligent control which is simple to use and will save energy and reduce their heating bills. 


One of the new additions, Pack 4, is ideal for adding a hot water timer and cylinder thermostat to new and existing systems, or upgrading a gravity hot water system.  Pack 5 equips the installer with everything they need to create two or more heating zones which comply with the latest Building Regulations Part L.


The addition of Packs 4 and 5 ensures there is now a wireless heating control pack to satisfy all installation types and provide unique functionality, such as remote boiler control (through Pack 5).


Andy Mansfield, marketing communications manager at Honeywell commented: “The beauty of wireless enabled heating controls is that they are mutually beneficial for both the homeowner and installer.  They provide fuss-free, instant energy and cost savings of up to £120* a year for a property owner which, in the current economic climate is crucial.  For an installer they allow fast and efficient installation, freeing up more time to answer more call-outs and increase their productivity.  The addition of Pack 5 also means they are fully equipped with everything they need to comply with zoning regulations.”


Five wireless enabled packs are now available for different types of heating system.  In detail, Pack 1 includes a time switch and thermostat which can be added to a combination boiler system or single heating zone.  Pack 2 consists of a programmer and thermostat which can be added to a traditional heating system.  Pack 3 has a programmer, thermostat and cylinder thermostat to add to new and existing systems, or to upgrade a gravity hot water system.


Click here to find out further details on each of the packs.