JUNE 2011
Homeowners reminded to think thermostat as well as insulation

Following the announcement from the DECC that almost half of homes are not properly insulated, costing households at least £100 per year, Honeywell is also encouraging homeowners to think about thermostats.


Coupled with the recent announcements from Scottish Power, that the cost of domestic gas is due to rise by 19% and electricity by 10%, the need to save money is ever increasing.


The heating control manufacturer has recently undertaken a study that shows homeowners are missing out on savings on up to £120 a year by not having a thermostat.


Nick Hunt, Sales Director from Honeywell explains: “84% of a home’s energy consumption is in heating and hot water.  With this latest surge in gas and electricity prices and now water bills, now is the time for homeowners to look at ways to make savings.  A room thermostat could save a household up to £10 per month on fuel bills, but millions of people are missing out by not installing this simple technology.


“Insulation is a great way to make a home more energy efficient, but for homeowners who want to save even more money, a thermostat will save energy through efficient control and subsequently lower fuel bills each month.”