Understanding your Controls

Understanding your controls is essential to making best use of them, ensuring that your boiler operates to its optimum efficiency, and saving you money. Making your controls work for you, so you can concentrate on your living day is key.


Modern controls have energy saving features built-in, and offer increased functionality at the touch of a button, should your daily situation change, and you need your heating on for an additional period, or if you need to turn your system off if you are going away for a few days.


Our interactive 'You and Your Energy'  tool will help you identify what comprises a heating system, what controls you may currently have, how they can help you save energy, and how modern controls can help you save money while staying comfortable.


With supporting FAQs and documents within our Homeowner Zone, you will be able to identify how to make best use of your current set-up, and how heating controls can provide you with all the functionality you need.