Selecting the Ideal Solution For You

There is a variety of Honeywell Home heating controls available to suit your specific needs: thermostats, timeswitches, programmers, radiator controls and zone based systems. You can even choose between electronic, wireless and traditional wired options. Designed with you in mind, they are simple to install and operate.


Understanding how you use your home can help your installer understand the range of heating controls which will best suit your needs.

Here are the general principles that your installer will consider:


  • Your current heating system
  • When you need your heating to be switched on. This can vary during different seasons, throughout the week and according to the time of day
  • When are you at home
  • When do you return home and require the house to be warm
  • Focus on areas of the home that are used most and least often
  • Do all areas of your home need to be heated to the same temperature at the same time? There may be rooms which are used less often during your week.
  • Would a wireless or zoning solution provide you with more flexibility in your home?


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