Energy Saving Potential For Your Home

The installation of simple and effective heating controls will enable you to remain in control of your comfort levels but also reduce your energy consumption and save yourself money.


The controls are the brains of your heating system. With suitable controls in place, boilers are able to operate more efficiently, enabling you to choose when your heating is on, the ideal comfort temperature and where you would like the warmth to be in your home.


With heating and hot water accounting for 84% of energy consumption within a home, ensuring you take the following steps to save energy are essential:


Reduce waste - Don't overheat your home, and only heat the rooms in frequent use. You wouldn't control all your lights from one switch, so why do the same with your heating? Turning your thermostat down 1 C can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%


Reduce demand - Programmable controls can vary your heating needs automatically through the day, with easy to use buttons to adapt to changing circumstances, with the minimum of fuss.