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Simply enter your postcode and click Find an Installer Network member and we'll provide you with a location map and information about the 10 Installer Network members closest to you. NOTE Some Installer Network members will not offer installation of connected thermostat or connected security products.

Honeywell Home Connected Specialist 

You can also find Heating Engineers that in addition to fitting heating controls also promote the fitting of connected products such as the evohome multi zone controls or our internet connected room thermostats and evohome connected security products. Enter your postcode and click Find a Honeywell Home Connected Specialist and you will be shown a location map and information on the closest installers to your postcode.




Check for membership of trade bodies. Reputable companies are often members of trade bodies. Detail of memberships will be listed under each installer’s profile, and these can be additionally verified by contacting the trade body directly, such as the CIPHE.


Never accept a verbal estimate. Insist on a written quotation. Quotes should be written on headed paper with an address and telephone number, not just a mobile number.


Request written confirmation. If you accept the quote, request written confirmation, Installer Network Members expect to provide this.


During peak season, reputable installers are in demand and may require several weeks' notice.