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Welcome to the history of Honeywell!


Honeywell was founded and shaped by creative technical people, who invented the Microswitch and autofocus system for cameras to name two of many. Superior leadership also helped shape the manner in which Honeywell operates today. It is one of the world’s leading companies, employing 160,000 people worldwide.


Most recently in 2007, the ST9000 range of timers and programmers make use of new and groundbreaking Line of Text™, to provide easy to understand instructions on screen, to effectively control heating and hot water requirements.


In 2000, Smartfit systems were introduced to remove the traditional problems associated with wiring and significantly reduce installation time and costs. At the centre of Smartfit is a connection box which provides plug-in or simple 2-wire connection for all heating and hot water controls, eliminating the need for complex wiring diagrams.


In 1998, the reverse flow Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) was released. For the first time the plumber did not have to worry about which end on the radiator he had to mount the TRV, as the flow through the body could be in either direction with no reduction in the accuracy of temperature control.


In 1981, Honeywell unveiled their ST699 programmer with separate outputs for heating and hot water. The simple easy to use design has remaining popular for over twenty five years, and has developed further with the ST799, which allowed for  flexible 7 day programming.


In 1970, Honeywell introduced Sundial Plans and today they still form the basis of most domestic heating systems in the UK. The Sundial Plan identifies the grouping of control products which together provide a complete central heating control system, providing full independent temperature control of both living space and stored domestic hot water.


The company's name was officially changed to Honeywell Inc. in 1963, even though it had been casually referred to as such for nearly 40 years.


In 1927, Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company and Honeywell Heating Specialty Co. merged to form the Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co., and became the largest producer of high-quality jeweled clocks.


Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co. had long been selling its products around the world through distributors like Yamatake Trading Company in Japan. In 1934, the company acquired Time-O-Stat Controls Corporation and began a long history of global expansion. The first office outside the U.S. was established in Toronto. Its first European subsidiary was established in the Netherlands the same year, and, within a few years, offices were opened in London and Stockholm. By 1941, it had distributors in Chile, Panama, Trinidad, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. By 1972, it operated 25 wholly owned subsidiaries, 142 branch offices, and joint ventures in five countries outside the U.S. In 1993, the company opened affiliates in Abu Dhabi, China, Oman, Romania and the Ukraine. By 1998, Honeywell had operations in 95 countries through 83 wholly owned subsidiaries and 13 joint ventures., Canada.


By 1912, EHR had expanded its product line and changed its name to Minneapolis Heat Regulator Company (MHR). Four years later, MHR patented the first electric motor approved by Underwriters Laboratories.


In 1906, Honeywell unveiled the first programmable thermostat, known as the “Jewell”, featuring a built in clock that allowed users to turn down their heat at night and automatically have it adjust to a proscribed setting in the morning. An electric clock was added in the 1930’s and the capacity to adjust both the heating and cooling materialized in models developed in the 1960’s.


In 1904 a young engineer named Mark Honeywell, was perfecting the heat generator as part of his plumbing and heating business. Two years later, he formed the Honeywell Heating Specialty Co, incorporated, specializing in hot water heat generators.


The Consolidated Temperature Controlling Co. incorporated, acquired Butz's patents and business, and by 1893, had renamed itself Electric Heat Regulator Co (EHR).


Honeywell can trace its roots back to 1885, when an inventor named Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm. He formed the Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Co., Minneapolis, on April 23, 1886, and a few weeks later invented a simple, yet ingenious device that he called the "damper flapper" – a thermostat.